Welcome to Punat!

Punat is situated in the south part of the Island of Krk, in one of the most beautiful and protected bays in the Adriatic – Puntarska draga. Punat lies around 30 km from the Krk Bridge and around 8 km south of the Town of Krk. You should turn right to get off the main road running along the Island of krk from Omišalj and Baška at the Chapel of St. Dunat, situated in the north of Puntarska draga.

The charm of the simple seaside ambience in Punat comes from the small stone houses cramped in the narrow streets (the so-called kale) in the old town core, and the primeval whiteness of the countless gravelly beaches surrounding Puntarska draga. The town has a population of 1800.

Almost every single visitor staying in Punat will visit the islet of Košljun, preserving a treasure of the Croatian cultural heritage within the confines of the Franciscan Monastery.

Punat is among the leading nautical tourism centers on the Croatian coast, popular among navigators for the PUNAT Marina, the oldest and one of the leading marinas in the Adriatic, also containing a shipyard. Punat is surrounded by olive groves producing the widely renowned Punat olive oil, which is not merely a food, but also a medicine if properly dosed.

Franciscan Monastery Košljun

Only 750 meters from Punat lies the islet of Košljun. It is known for the Franciscan monastery where the monks have collected and preserved numerous valuable items for centuries. The islet has a museum with an ethnographic collection containing numerous items produced by Krk fishermen and farmers, as well as folk costumes from across the Island of Krk. The monastery also owns a rich zoological collection consisting of a large seashell collection and unique animal specimens, such as the one-eyed lamb. The monastery also has a rich library with around 30,000 titles. It includes the Ptolemy’s atlas printed in Venice in 1511 (one of the three preserved copies). The monastery is a zero category monument. There are two churches on the islet – the Church of Blessed Virgin Mary’s Annunciation and the Church of St. Bernard.

It takes around two hours to see the whole islet, but there are no catering facilities there.